How to Grow New Brain Cells

21 Jan 2017 Science

I learned how to grow some new brain cells from watching a TED Talk. Awesome talk.

Watch the TED talk here.

Here’s a list of things I want to remember after watching the talk.

  • Adult brains can still generate new neurons in the hippocampus.
  • These cells are important for learning, memory, mood and emotion.
  • Things that affect neurogenesis (the development of nerve tissues)
    • Diet
      • Increase neurogenesis
        • Resveratrol (red wine): keeps new neurons alive
        • Omega 3 fatty acids (fatty fish like salmon): helps decrease depression
        • Calorie restriction: improve memory capacity
        • Folic acid (dark green veggies, beans, avocado…)
        • Zinc (grass-fed beef, yogurt, lamb…)
        • Flavonoids (dark chocolate, blueberries…)
        • Intermittent fasting (spacing the time between your meals)
        • Caffeine
        • Curcurmin
      • Decrease neurogenesis
        • High saturated fat: depression
        • High sugar
        • Soft diet (no chewing)
        • Ethanol (alcohol except red wine)
        • Vitamin A, B, E defficiency
    • Mood
      • Decrease neurogenesis: depression, stress
    • Activity
      • Increase neurogenesis
        • Higher physical activity (Running, sex …)
        • Learning
      • Decrease neurogenesis:
        • Sleep deprivation
    • Age
      • Decrease neurogenesis when getting older
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