Try Not To Be Too Focused

20 Jul 2016 Time-Management

Whenever I work on something with the computer, I have to use pomodoro technique to remind me to take a break, and try not to have bloodshot eyes.

Tomato Timer and Automatic Time Tracking

In recent months, I have started using the following three apps together to practice pomodoro technique.

Tools: Clockwork Tomato + Tasker + Jiffy

Clockwork Tomato is a timer app based on Pomodoro technique. There are many other apps that are similar to this one. The only reason why I choose Clockwork Tomato is that it has Tasker integration. And this is also why I use Jiffy, a time tracker. Using these apps together, I simply start a timer in Clockwork Tomato, then Jiffy can automatically start tracking the corresponding task and stop tracking once it’s break time.

Just one tap, I can use two apps. Thanks to Tasker.

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